Relevant Life Insurance

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that” – Richard Branson.

Relevant life insurance is a tailored policy offered by employers which address individual staff protection requirements. It is a highly regarded employee benefit that can manifest in positively engaged staff whilst helping you reduce your corporate tax exposure.

For companies hiring in competitive industries, securing and retaining staff can be the difference between business success or failure. Enhancing employee benefits could help you attract and retain top-performing staff.

How Do Employee Benefits Help?

Recruitment is a perennial challenge for many companies, especially those hiring in markets experiencing fierce competition for talent such as the GIG economy.

GIG economy companies require staff with unique sector/product knowledge and or exceptional C-suite level management ability.

Such companies can experience rapid expansion, but failure to attract and retain talent can negatively impact future growth and financial valuation.

As exceptional talent is often scarce in resources, successful companies enhance their attractiveness by offering career development opportunities, pleasant corporate culture and attractive compensation & benefits.

Attractive benefits include flexible working, private medical and life insurance plan.

HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen.

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Relevant Life & Diversity

Offering employee life insurance to enhance employee benefits is a well-established Human Resource practice.

Historically, employers offered “one size fits all” group life insurance schemes. Group life schemes satisfy requirements if employees conform to a similar mould, but modern progressive companies promote diversity.

Today, companies employ staff from varied backgrounds with diverse life insurance requirements. Companies who win the “war for talent” reward staff with benefits tailored to individual requirements. Relevant life insurance can present your business as a responsible, more caring company to work for, in turn more attractive to potential employees.

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Benefits of Relevant Life Cover

Relevant life cover is a highly valued benefit tailored to address individual employee life insurance requirements.

Staff no longer need to arrange personal life insurance paid for via their taxed income. Cover is arranged by the employer who pays premiums and offsets costs as an expense helping reduce corporate tax.

Enhanced benefits such as Relevant Life Insurance leave employees feeling valued, manifesting in a happier workforce that rewards employers with increased productivity, loyalty and retention. Relevant Life Insurance also sends a message to potential new hires that your company values its staff.

When competition for talent is fierce, Relevant Life Insurance is a cost-effective manner of enhancing benefits and promoting your company in a competitive hiring environment.

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Have You Considered Adding Executive Income Protection?

If you, one of your directors or Key Staff are unable to work following sickness or injury, Executive Income Protection policies provide an additional monthly income.

This means you, your Directors and Key Staff do not have to rely solely upon their savings and state benefits during an extended period of medical incapacitation.

The net result is happier employees who feel valued and are more likely to reciprocate their gratitude via enhanced loyalty.

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    Peter Blacklock
    Peter is one of the UK’s leading Insurance and business advisory specialists with a track record of building and selling Insurance businesses.

    He advises boards and investors in the capacity of CEO, C.A.P.O.W. Consulting, drawing on three decades of experience. Peter’s knowledge of Insurance is unrivalled having had extensive exposure to personal, family and business protection insurance.

    Peter is passionate about the North of England and a life-long Sunderland fan and sports coach.

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    Anny was an Investment Banker and CFO of a high-growth company working across Asia, America and now Yorkshire.

    With a background in Finance, Anny understands the importance of protecting investments whilst ensuring company finances are insured against life’s unforeseen challenges.

    As an active member of the UK SME sector, Anny accepts invitations to encourage and mentor aspiring future female business leaders.

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    At heart, Nick is an entrepreneur who has co-founded two companies, including Fatgreen. Fatgreen arrange Business Protection insurance solutions for SMEs, Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors.

    Prior to co-founding Fatgreen, Nick spent two decades in Executive Search, providing recruitment solutions for Investment Banks, Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies. Having dealt with people all his career, he understands the intrinsic link between creating financial value and people.

    Nick appreciates how hard it is to appoint exceptional talent, hence the need to reward staff through enhanced benefits such as Relevant Life Insurance. As life is uncertain, Nick is passionate about protecting companies from the financial costs associated with losing a Shareholder or Key Person.

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