Why Business Protection?

“A business worth building is a business worth protecting.”

Death or incapacitation of a key member of your team could adversely impact your business operations and finances.

Financial complications arise if the deceased was a shareholder or provided a director personal guarantee to secure a commercial loan.

If the deceased had a unique skill set your business could suffer ongoing disruption until a replacement is secured.

Beset with financial pressure, uninsured businesses frequently collapse. Following a successful claim, Protected Businesses receive financial support helping you manage a path beyond crisis to safety.

There are four types of Business Protection:

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Business Loan Insurance
Businessman and client

Protecting Business Growth

Fatgreen protects businesses across multiple industry sectors, including established organisations, high growth mid-market companies and SMEs, including:

  • Hi-Tech / Digital
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics / Distribution
  • Consumer / Retail / Leisure
  • Specialised Manufacturing
  • Financial & Professional Services

Growing companies attract financial investment from Venture Capital and Private Equity firms.

Investors appreciate how the loss of a key person can negatively impact companies devaluing their investment.

Growing companies frequently employ specialist key staff who are scarce in resources and challenging to replace. Loss of key staff can negatively impact company growth and the value of associated investments.

Following a successful claim, your business may receive a cash payment. The liquidity can help stabilise operations and finances and fund the cost of a replacement.

By insuring Key People your business growth and investment is protected from financial risk.

No Obligation Consultation

Protecting Corporate Transactions

Investment, business financing and associated corporate transactions often trigger a review of corporate governance and insurance requirements.

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Private Equity Investment
  • MBO
  • LBO
  • Insolvency & Restructuring
  • Securing debt financing
  • Change in shareholders

Fatgreen works with Private Equity firms, Corporate Finance M&A teams, Corporate Accountants and Lawyers in support of corporate transactions.

Having previously structured and managed corporate finance transactions, Fatgreen instinctively understands the time pressures associated with managing deal cycles.

Appreciative of the time pressures and need to execute transactions in line with deadlines, we own your insurance process from start to finish. We liaise with the insurance providers Business Protection teams to ensure your insurance cover is delivered in line with your deal time frames.

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SME’s & Self-Employed

Approximately 60% of UK adults work for SME’s employing less than 10 people. In January 2022, approximately 4.19 million adults in the UK were self-employed (source – Statista).

You may choose to be self-employed or work for an SME to benefit from enhanced work life balance and greater flexibility.

Unlike large companies who offer enhanced employee benefits, SME’s and the self-employed often lack resources to provide such extensive benefits such as Relevant Life Insurance and extended sick-pay.

If you work for an SME or are self-employed the cost of being of work for an extended period following illness may be prohibitive.

Fatgreen strongly recommends arranging Income Protection cover to provide you peace of mind that no matter what medical complications you may encounter in the future, your and your loved ones lifestyle is protected.

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Critical insurance
Businessman and client

Estate & Succession Planning

Some of our clients are family people with businesses which they wish to pass onto future generations.

Estate planning and business succession planning often pivots around one or a handful of key people. Should anything happen to those key people the future of a business may be jeopardized.

Fatgreen works with families and business owners to ensure that business succession plans are protected.

Family & Personal

Many of our business clients are husbands, wives, parents and or individuals with life insurance requirements beyond the workplace.

Some of our clients request life insurance to protect their families and loved ones, however others have complex obligations regarding estate and succession planning, as well as making provisions for Inheritance Tax, (IHT).

Fatgreen structures Life Insurance in support of families and individual’s personal requirements to help address their needs.

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What Our Clients Say

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    nick green


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    Connect with Peter on LinkedIn

    Peter Blacklock
    Peter is one of the UK’s leading Insurance and business advisory specialists with a track record of building and selling Insurance businesses.

    He advises boards and investors in the capacity of CEO, C.A.P.O.W. Consulting, drawing on three decades of experience. Peter’s knowledge of Insurance is unrivalled having had extensive exposure to personal, family and business protection insurance.

    Peter is passionate about the North of England and a life-long Sunderland fan and sports coach.

    nick green

    Anny Lian


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    07908 355 781

    Connect with Anny on LinkedIn

    Anny was an Investment Banker and CFO of a high-growth company working across Asia, America and now Yorkshire.

    With a background in Finance, Anny understands the importance of protecting investments whilst ensuring company finances are insured against life’s unforeseen challenges.

    As an active member of the UK SME sector, Anny accepts invitations to encourage and mentor aspiring future female business leaders.

    nick green

    Nick Green


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    07985 219 763

    Connect with Nick on LinkedIn

    At heart, Nick is an entrepreneur who has co-founded two companies, including Fatgreen. Fatgreen arrange Business Protection insurance solutions for SMEs, Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors.

    Prior to co-founding Fatgreen, Nick spent two decades in Executive Search, providing recruitment solutions for Investment Banks, Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies. Having dealt with people all his career, he understands the intrinsic link between creating financial value and people.

    Nick appreciates how hard it is to appoint exceptional talent, hence the need to reward staff through enhanced benefits such as Relevant Life Insurance. As life is uncertain, Nick is passionate about protecting companies from the financial costs associated with losing a Shareholder or Key Person.

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